Timberlake High School

Hall Of Fame: Basketball

Where Are They Now?


Cassie Thompson:  Timberlake Class of 2011

 Played basketball at The University of Portland.

#30, Forward, 6'2"

Major:  Biology 

Games Played:  30 Minutes per Game:  28.9  Points per Game:  8.9   




Jon Thompson:  Timberlake Class of 2013

Played basketball at Spokane Community College.

#42, Post, 6'5"

Norlander, Jessica.jpg

Jessica Norlander:  Timberlake class of 2014

 Played basketball at Green River Community College.

Post, 6'0"




Keegan Scott:  Timberlake Class of 2014.

#20, Guard, 6'1", 195 lbs

Major:  Undeclared